Lich Tong

Lich Tong

New York, NY, US


Metabolism Community

Metabolic community is a way of exploring the integration of modern and traditional cities from the vertical space. During the field investigation, I found the precious cultural and historical context. I am determined to retain it. But at the same time, its “Extreme population Growth” and inadequate infrastructure are real problems that must be addressed if Shanghai is to have a sustainable future.

hope to dilute the underlying stress by adding the air-streets and their metabolic communities. Furthermore, as a completely open space, air-street will connect with the outside world and guide more people to regain the historical and cultural memory of old Shanghai. Resolve the archipelago's paradoxical situation in a soft way.

Just as in Archigram’s Plug-in City: it sows the seeds of its own fragmentation into investigations of a gentler, more subtle environmental thing. I hope to make the island and metropolitan City attract each other in a gentle way through natural and orderly guidance rather than forced placement.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: Individual