New York, NY, US



Program: Construction of two new school buildings, library, kindergarten, cafeteria and classrooms. Renovation of two existing school buildings. Design of urban spaces and integration of urban plan.
Area:  150,700 sf (14,000 m2)
The design of the “Micro Campus” presents a vision of a new urban campus that will integrate the so far fragmented educational facilities into a new urban ensemble. New facilities such as a library and a cafeteria will complete the campus and will function as future communication points within the campus. Together with the existing educational facilities that surround the Klingelpütz Park, they will serve as a new platform for learning and exchange for the students as well as the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods. The development of the educational landscape is understood as a participatory process in which users and neighbors play an active role.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Cologne, DE
Additional Credits: Honoral mention