Leticia Oxley

Leticia Oxley

New York, NY, US



Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. Looking at this résumé, you will see a diligent researcher who has delved into a wide array of subjects and is ready to apply her knowledge beyond the classroom. Thus, I am interested in pursuing a career that allows me to blend theory with design. My knowledge in this area is a result of a number of project-oriented courses taken as part of the MA Design Studies program at Parsons School of Design. During my studies, I immersed myself in Speculative Design which combines critical thinking with artistic practices as a way of proposing alternatives through products that we use everyday. Aside from this I have invested a lot of time in community building and shown a commitment to life-long learning through study abroad programs, volunteer work, university jobs, and even my time as a restaurant manager. Moving forward, the jobs that excite me most are hands-on and fast paced, while also allowing me to research and apply what I learn in creative ways—whether that be through visual storytelling, an editorial piece, or a prototype of a future product. 

What slips between the lines of this resume are the countless exhibitions, workshops, conferences, courses, and "side-gigs" that I participate in to supplement my love for design. My intense curiosity to experience and try out the very things that I am learning about, from biohacking to piloting drones, brings back inspiration and excitement to my workplace. My greatest achievements have come through taking what I am learning outside of the classroom, sharing ideas with people outside of the university, and getting out of my comfort zone. These moments provide the best motivation for what I have done at school and look forward to doing in the workplace. 


The New School, New York, NY, US, Research Assistant

-Gathered readings from Transdisciplinary Design student theses, databases, and coursework into working bibliography.
-Synthesized bibliographic information into searchable documents for potential Transdisciplinary reader.

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016