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Emily Mohr Announced as 2018-19 LeFevre Fellow

By KnowltonOSU
Sep 7, '18 12:21 PM EST

The Knowlton School welcomes Emily Mohr (BSARCH ’13) as the Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow for 2018-19. The LeFevre Fellowship is awarded annually to an architect who is beginning to make their mark on the profession and provides the practitioner with a platform to develop their research over the academic year. The Fellowship culminates in the spring semester with a public lecture, monograph and exhibition in the school's Banvard Gallery.

“My research focuses on types of architectural drawing and illustration and how the intentional misreading of convention, scale or context can generate architectural form, concept or both,” commented Mohr. “Technically, I’m interested in the potential intersection of digital representation and the material quality unique to every physical model and hand drawing. Is it possible to introduce these tangible qualities to digital workflows?”

Anticipating her Banvard Gallery exhibition, Mohr stated, “In the spring, I intend to exhibit drawing (verb, present participle) and drawings (noun, plural). This work and my research extend from the spring 2018 drawing seminar I led (The High-density Drawing with Jonathan Rieke), my graduate studio work and my lingering interest in the ability of an information-rich projected drawing to fully communicate architecture in the place of a photo-realistic rendering.”

Prior to her selection as a LeFevre Fellow, Emily Mohr was a 2017-18 Migg Caulkins Urban Visiting Professor in Architecture at the Knowlton School. During this appointment, Mohr presented Serendipitous Formalism with 2017-18 Migg Caulkins Urban Visiting Professor in Architecture Jonathan Rieke, an installation consisting of three pavilions and ground-level paint markings that describe the architectural and urban potential of “Squiggles”—geometric fragments borrowed from Columbus’s Victorian vernacular.

Mohr holds a B.S. in Architecture from Ohio State and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where she was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Medal and the Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize.

Mohr has worked as a designer in several architecture offices, including Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in New York. As a founding member of the design collective mr Studio, Mohr’s recent projects include several competitions and invited exhibitions, including Curtain Wall exhibited now at the Center for Architecture and Design in Columbus as part of Rings: Ragdale Foundation Competition Entries and Vacation House as part of the Architecture, architecture, Architectural exhibition at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles.