Kexin Qiao

Kexin Qiao

Los Angeles, CA, US


Floating house

The project is located in Concepcion Street, Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The area has frequent rainy season with high precipitation and high temperature, and typhoon disasters hit it every year. How to ensure the safety and thermal comfort of residents in the case of heavy rainfall and hot weather? Thus, this main problem is about the safety and ventilation performance of the residential design.

As for the coming of flood, ordinary residential houses cannot escape the fate of flooding- collapse, but the floating house like a "boat". The hydraulic lifting device at the lowest end of the house allows the house to "float". Thus, it effectively reduces the hazard of flooding and collapse of the house. In terms of ventilation, a through atrium is designed in the project. On the one hand, it solves the problem of insufficient lateral lighting caused by the inability to open Windows on both sides of the house. On the other hand, it solves the ventilation problem caused by the narrow and long construction plot.

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Status: School Project
Location: Philippines
My Role: Individual work