Brno, CZ



The main idea of this project is that of a blend of public and prominent (school) spaces in a way that allows their mutual visual openness, while clearly keeping their functions separated. The existing sloping terrain profile provided us with two different starting levels as the main theme for the concept.

Another principle used in the design is the compactness of form, which encloses larger operations such as the gyms or the dining room.

The lack of almost any public space within the municipality of Chýně inspired the creation of a larger urban project based on simple principles: no fences and no set back the surrounding areas. The building embraces all green open spaces and socio-cultural functions surrounding it. The space floats through the transparent facade into the interior of the pit creating a coherent socio-cultural zone with all the typologies that the function requires.

The school’s architectural concept is the concept of the school as a micro-city. On one side of the classroom, where students spend most of the time (like habitat) and on the other side the specialized equipment (gymnasium , auditorium , library) opened to visitors usage. The dynamic space connecting the two then defines the Urban space with a wide variety of open and semi-enclosed micro-spaces offering its users intimacy and determining their activities outside the classrooms.

All regular classrooms are oriented to the north and their 15 -degree angle turn to the adds value by viewing the skyline of the historic center of the village. The roof creates a spaces for school gardens with sport facilities, outdoor classrooms and a botanical garden for the kids to plant.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chyne, CZ