Juste Tresor

Juste Tresor

Boston, MA, US


Cultures of Reproduction with Algorithms

Architecture in its intellectual form has always relied  on intermediary mediums  in  the  translation from ideas to the realization of a physical building. The    intermediary  medium of  particular  interest  is the  set-of-instructions  an  architect,  in  his  authorial role,crafts  to  ensure  his intellectual work  comes to  fruition  as  a  physical building.  

In  this  instance comes the realization that a physical building is in fact a reproduction, (in a different form), of the original work of architecture which is a set- of-instructions. Therefore, the set-of-instructions are  scripted,  and  sometimes diagrammed  descriptions;  a process that   ranges   from planning  to  the  development of designs.

The   following   work   will revisit    this    form    of reproduction  which  uses  a script  or  a  description  as a point of departure to the reproduction of the author’s intent(the original),   and is   reconstructed   as   an algorithm.   The   trend   can be  observed  from the  works that   were   influenced   by architecture  theories  from the  time  of  Vitruvius  to the contemporary avant-garde architectural       theorists in     Parametricism.  The translation from instructions to   physical   manifestation will be limited to only formal representations,  meaning shapes  and  diagrams.  A  lot more work can be done with the manipulation of instructions and that work can be offset from here to future research investigations. In the following pages, parallel and relevant work in contemporary art will be referenced as well.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US
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