Jiyoung Ha

Jiyoung Ha

Brooklyn, NY, US


​Union Station Renovation Project


1) no direct exit to park from 4,5,6 line 

2) it is a big tourist spot and its chaotic! 

3) limited platforms to get information about Union SQ park and events especially for tourist!

so!, adding 

1) Way finding system to organize and give people a clear way to out to Park, where tourist essentially want to go. 

2) iconic/ sculptural entrance to celebrate Union SQ park

3) making a stage for street artists 

4) digital information/event board that people can easily access 

Material! _Digital facade _ 

there is a co-relationship with old subway mosaic tiles and digital dots! Bring old design element in modern way!


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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: everything