Chih Yuan Chen

Chih Yuan Chen

Taichung, TW

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I graduated from National Taiwan University and studied in Department of Civil Engineering. As a civil engineering student I am good at structural analysis and excel in team work. With programming and structural design backgrounds, I found digital fabrication might be the field challenging and creative, so I self-learned grasshopper and apply the skill in my works. One thing I like about grasshopper is that I believe it is a must to achieve BIM and so does on dynamo.


National Taiwan University, Taipei, TW, Bachelors, Civil Engineering

National Taiwan University(NTU) is one of the most competitive universities in Taiwan. I love the time in school, always feel dynamic and energetic. Though the compulsory lessons were already hard to handle, I like to learn something new, so I took architecture design classes in (NTUST, another great university next to us) and computer programming lessons in NTU.

Sep 2014 - Jul 2018


Decor House Award2018, Award

Excellence Award


Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools (IDEERS), Award

Efficiency Ratio Certificate of Excellence
Quake-Resistant Certificate
Most Preferable Award


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