Jieming Jin

Jieming Jin

Philadelphia, PA, US




My name is Jieming Jin, a student from University of Pennsylvania, School of Design. My major is Architecture and I will be graduating with a M.Arch Degree in Dec. 2016. I have been working as two TAs in U.Penn, interns in Woods Bagot and SCG Co.Ltd. I have also found my own business including two online parametric design tutorial websites, one portfolio design tutorial studio. I consider myself as competitive not only as a designer, drafter but also as a leader in the future.



Hi, my name is Jieming Jin, a graduate student from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design. My major is Architecture, and I have received my Master of Architecture Degree in Dec. 2016. My interests are architectural design and parametric design.I am trying to apply for the entry-level Architect position, and I’m really looking forward to having an opportunity to work in your company during my OPT year, from Feb-13-2017 to Feb-12-2018. I believe through this I can gain invaluable and practical experience. Moreover, I hope I can prove my value and earn the sponsor from you for my H1B visa application.


Academically, I am skilled with many software and also good at design. I have worked as Teaching Assistant in U.Penn for both seminars and design studio. The invitations of being TA came directly from my professors on behalf of my software proficiency and my design abilities. I strongly believe this can demonstrate my outstanding academic performances. I not only assisted the students for the technical support but also was assigned three lectures and weekly desk critiques to the terminal-year master’s students. The projects I participated have been exhibited in theater or published in the year book.


As for the professional experience, I once worked as an intern architect in an architectural studio called Woods Bagot on my junior year’s summer vacation in 2013, and another Chinese corporation called Shanghai Construction Group Co.Ltd. I was responsible for schematic design, diagram drawing and concept developed modeling. After the internships, I received a letter of recommendation from the Global Director of Woods Bagot, Mr. Rodger Dalling, and another one from the vice president of the SCG, Mr. Xu Jingjing. From their observations, they both believe that I will be a good “people” person in the future. Now that I have started a couple of online business and one studio, I consider myself as a competitive applicant not only as a graduate student who majors in architecture but also with leadership qualities and more potentialities.


In the recent four years, I have established three parametric-related tutorial websites and forums and have been personally teaching it online for two years. From my perspective, the market of architecture is developing rapidly as it never was before. Parametric design, script, BIM and other new tools of design are of more and more importance. As a student from U.Penn who not only has a strong, professional background of architectural design but also can use these tools, I want to try my best to be a member of your team.


To make myself more competitive, I also equip myself with parental support and their connections. My father, with his certificate of Management Mentor program at Harvard University, is now working as a senior construction manager in Fluor Corporation, one of the biggest construction companies in the United States. With my Chinese background and my father’s connections both in China and America, I could be a valuable asset, if China is a target market for you.


I have attached my work sample, along with my resume and my cover letter. I’d love to get interviewed, and I am really looking forward to hearing back from your company. If you have interests on me and would like to learn more about me, you are also welcomed to my personal website:


Thank you for spending your time to read my cover letter.



Jieming Jin


Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), Shanghai, CN, Intern Architect

Residential District Zhouhangkang Project
Schematic design, plan and section drawing
Detailed design, elevation and construction drawing
Building performance simulations

Jul 2014 - Dec 2014

Woods Bagot, Shanghai, CN, Intern Architect

Vanke-Shanghai Project and Yango-Retail Project
Group discussion of area renovation and tower design
Schematic design and analysis
Digital modeling using parametric-oriented software
Diagram, drawings and documentation

Jun 2013 - Jul 2013


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

Zhengzhou University, zhengzhou, CN, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2010 - Jul 2015