Venice, CA



Kanyon is designed to be a state-of-the-art live, work and play environment that caters to residents and visitors. Jerde accomplished this with a series of districts connected by an interior street, or Canyon, that traverses the site and includes a variety of courtyards and terraces. The districts include: Entertainment Sphere, Office Plaza, Garden Court, and Performance Plaza. The Office Plaza sits at the project entrance and overlooks the long expanse of the Canyon as it curves into the distance. In the foreground is the Garden Court, dominated by the strong curved face of the office tower whose bold shape reinforces the graceful flow of the Canyon and creates an iconic silhouette that will be memorable in the skyline of the city. Further to the east, at the heart of the project, the Canyon opens on to the Performance Plaza, an amphitheater carved from the base of the Sphere. This space serves as a stage for activities of all sizes, from strolling entertainers to symphonies. The curve of residential terraces above reinforces the flow of the canyon and creates unique housing opportunities and dramatic views. The pool area for the residence is located to the south behind the terraced housing. An additional recreation garden with tennis courts and other active uses is located atop the Entertainment Sphere.

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Status: Built
Location: Istanbul, TR
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Executive Architect: Tabanlioglu Mimarlik
Engineering: Arup
Interiors: Sevil Peach Gence Associates, Brigitte Weber
Contractor: Tepe Construction