Jared Rice

Jared Rice

Brooklyn, NY, US

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I am a black architectural designer from Pratt who is dedicated to  providing information and enabling agency for all. My strengths lie in thorough research capabilities, social justice design, event curation, and conceptual development. I am a hard worker who strives to continually better and educate myself and others. I thrive when pairing my technical tool set with a diverse creative mindset, displayed through my events, projects, designs, and resources created.



Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Green Stitch Designer and Researcher

I did the research into therapy gardens, and now am designing planters, resources, and more for a sustainable garden future. Creating connections and conversations between designers and the communities we serve is essential to the health and success of the built and natural environment, and community gardens are an ideal space for this engagement. As architecture and design schools, we often speculate within local and BIPOC communities, pointing out spaces for improvement without real experience within or input from these communities.In parallel to it these same communities continue to face gentrification and disenfranchisement. Our aim is to aid students, schools, and the communities alike to increase all party’s engagement (while centering local residents) with these communities.

Aug 2021 - current

Re:Play, Brooklyn, NY, US, Coordinator

Through workshops and collage + model making, I aid residents of in Harlem housing in the re-imagining of their NYCHA Housing. This culminated first into an exhibition, and now into a pop up

Aug 2021 - current

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Pratt Futures Head and Coordinator

I curated, organized, and lead a lecture series at Pratt Institute. I also designed and lead construction of a Pratt Futures Student Exhibition.

Pratt Futures is a student led lecture series focused on empowering young designers from two points:

Raising the voices of emerging architects, architect adjacent designers, and students from diverse and often underrepresented spheres alike
Increasing student involvement by encouraging influence on speakers, topics, and questions

Pratt Futures' aim is to remove as much hierarchy as possible from connecting to each other and accessing information, resulting in a more universal access to the information and people we are interested in. Pratt Futures aim to enable conversations on topic of interest with those who share those interests, but also create safe spaces for voicing thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

Jan 2021 - May 2022


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2017 - May 2022


SoA Social Justice Award, 1st Place

Now in its third year, the Social Justice Prize is designed to recognize work that offers spatial and/or strategic initiatives and innovations that exemplify tactics for moving us closer towards a more equitable society. Final year students from all departments are eligible.

I won this with Nengi Njere and my thesis: Encoded Cities of Coexisting Histories


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