Jared Eisenhower

Jared Eisenhower

New York, NY, US


Fotografiska New York

Located at the corner of Park Ave South and 22nd Street, Fotografiska New York is the US outpost of the internationally renowned photography museum based in Stockholm. The six story, adaptive reuse project integrates and reveals the unique history of the site, while blending a contemporary spirit where art, culture & food are all in one container. The building’s multiple programs are allocated to strengthen the client’s desire for an immersive experience, but also as a means to spatially organize moments that spark informal dialogue between people, the artwork and the energy of the city.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Assistant Project Architect, BIM Model Manager
Additional Credits: Design Team: John Cetra, Nancy J. Ruddy, Theresa Genovese, Branko Potocnik, Maria Clironomos, Jared Eisenhower, Akiko Uchida, Tom Graul, Joseph Librizzi, Satoko Narishige, Nathalie Guedes, Miguel de la Ossa Peinador