James Evans

James Evans

Lady Lake, FL, US



Jim has over 25 years in the Architectural field working on several designs & builds in projects ranging from single family, multifamily, Government, multi-use and commercial. Over the years, he has worked with several Investors/Developers, Architects, Builders, Building Scientists, & General Contractors. 

The LEED Certification launched in 1996 through the USGBC. Jim personally became a member of the USGBC in 1999, two years later he became one of the first hundred LEED AP's worldwide. USGBC now has nearly 160,000... 

In 2002, Jim became a national member of the USGBC and a member of the Central Florida Chapter. Then in 2008, he was the Chair of the Education Committee of the New Orleans Chapter and during that time he was invited to the Nationalization of the LEED System region wide.. In 2009, Jim was a team member on the LEED for Homes & for Healthcare programs. 



Global Green Innovation Group LLC, Orlando, FL, US, Managing Director

Responsible for directing the activities of a specific department or departments within an organization. Manages other employees and ensures all business goals and objectives are reached.

Direct the activities and productivity of a department or entire organization.
Provide training and guidance.
Delegate duties such as typing, copying, and scanning.
Hire, terminate, and train staff.
Create schedules.
Work with the Assistant Director to sustain and grow programs and service.
Manage administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
Support the organization's strategic alliances and partnership.
Ensure performance goals are met and set.
Fulfill duties delegated by C-suite staff.
Attend and preside over meetings.
Participate in strategic planning.
Represent the organization to the public, key stakeholders and business partner.
Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fundraising initiatives, special events and the official administrative acts.
Help create budgets and track expenditures.
Create presentations for meetings.

Mar 2010 - current

Jacobs Technologies - NASA, Stennis Space Center , Sr Architect

Senior Architect

NASA - Jacobs
January 2008 – May 2010 (2 years 5 months)Stennis Space Center
At Stennis Space Center I was responsible for all Architectural needs through NASA, Department of Defense, EPA, US Navy, Home Land Security and several other on-site campus organizations. Our priority was with NASA working on the A3.


Emergency Operational Center 2007 to 2009

The 78,688-square-foot LEED certified facility is a giant leap forward in emergency operations and response capabilities, enabling critical integration by consolidating the center’s medical clinic, fire department, security services, energy management control system and incident command post. ..

Infinity Center 2008 to 2010

Infinity at NASA Stennis Space Center Visitors to the 72,000-square-foot INFINITY at NASA Stennis Space Center enter a world where discovery truly is endless. The $42 Million facility features a Science Express area, Space Gallery and immersive theater.

Government Renewable Energy Project:
Executive Order to Improve Efficiency:
- Reduce energy intensity 3% annually from FY 2003 baseline in FY 2007-2015, or 30% by FY 2015
- Increase renewable energy percentage of electricity
* 3% FY 2007-2009, 5% FY 2010-2012, 7.5% FY 2013
* At least half from sources built after 1/1/99
- Achieve building efficiency design performance 30% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2004 industry standard
- Reduce water intensity 2% annually from FY 2007 baseline in FY 2008-2015, or 16% by FY 2015
- Increasing international interest in carbon dioxide
Renewable Energy:
- Geothermal- Ground source heat pump (GSHP)
- Upcoming assessment will determine "Sweet Spots" for NASA to invest in renewable energy

A-3 Constellation program:
The Constellation Program was a human spaceflight program within NASA. The stated goals of the program were to gain significant experience in operating away from Earth's environment, develop technologies needed for opening the space frontier, and conducting fundamental science.

Jan 2007 - Mar 2010


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US, BArch, Architecture

The University of Florida’s Bachelor of Design in Architecture (BDes Arch) program leads to a pre-professional undergraduate degree that serves as excellent preparation for graduate school studies toward an accredited two-year Master of Architecture degree, the educational credentials you need for licensure as a registered practicing architect. Bachelor of Design students follow a four-year curricular track that combines general education and architecture courses.

Design studio lies at the heart of the UF Bachelor of Design program. Both the design process and its architectural product are the result of a complex interplay of various phenomena. The form, function, program and aesthetics of architecture are shaped by many things: by human behavior, perception and activity; by the limitations and potential of materiality, structure and construction; by interaction of the exterior with the interior, and the built object with its natural setting; and by historical precedents and cultural values that invest the built environment with meaning and relevance. In the studio sequence, you will progressively and thoroughly explore these various formal, conceptual and technical considerations, learning how they interrelate in the creation of space.

The ideas and experience that you gain in design studio are reinforced and amplified by support courses in history, theory, structural tectonics, building technology, and construction materials and methods. Design studio and support courses are not isolated from each other as mutually exclusive territories, for the subject matter covered in the support courses are determining factors in the design process that generates architecture. This holistic understanding is crucial if architecture is to be competent, meaningful and fully functional.

Electives and general education courses in biological and physical sciences, the humanities, language, mathematics and social sciences further contribute to the depth and breadth of your educational background, making you a knowledgeable and well-rounded citizen of the world in which you will design and build.

Jan 2015 - Apr 2015

Areas of Specialization