Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes

West Hollywood, CA, US



I am a fledgling architectural designer from Kentucky, recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Built space forms the background of much of our lives, establishing the mood and tone of our situations and potentiating or denying interactions with others. For that reason, I believe that thoughtful architecture should touch the lives of everyone. Thus I am especially interested in projects with a public character, such as schools, hospitals, cultural and government buildings, multi-family residences, and neighborhoods, and mixed-use urban designs.

I was a philosophy undergrad, and tend to approach problems with a keen analytical and ethical sensibility. I see design as a question of creating the proper mood, spatial conditions, and sense of surprise or wonder for each project. Rarely insisting on a particular formal gesture or solution, I work well with others, seeking to implement the best idea, whomever may have come up with it. 

A career can go in many directions from the same starting point. Wherever mine takes me, I want to keep a commitment to designs that are right for the client, right for the public, and right for the earth. Any office that shares in those commitments will find me a bright and dedicated addition.


Ross Tarrant Architects, Lexington, KY, US, Intern

I was working in the Post-Secondary Education studio, picking up Revit redlines on a major overhaul of the University of Kentucky's school of business (a Robert A. M. Stern design), linear and volume based cost-estimation on Western Kentucky University's new Honors College, crafting space planning proposals for an art academy in Paducah, and engaging in marketing, board layout, printing, binding, product research, and other activities as required. I worked under the direction of multiple licensed architects on different projects as needs and schedule demanded.

Jan 2014 - May 2014

Ross Tarrant Architects, Lexington, KY, US, Intern

I was working in the K-12 studio at this time. Initially, I was only tasked with picking up As-Built notes onto final Revit sheets, printing, and locating AutoCAD floorplans of schools, organizing them onto sheets, and printing them for regulatory compliance review. I participated in an office-wide design charette seeking the general form of Western Kentucky University's Honors College. I conducted field documentation of roof conditions under the direction of project manager, and converted my photos to an AutoCAD document pending the demolition phase of a re-roof project.

May 2013 - Aug 2013

Cincinnati Dream Center, Cincinnati, OH, US, Team Lead

This was a co-operative program between the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Dream Center, a faith-based non-profit. I worked with an interdisciplinary team of business students, planning students, construction management students, and architecture students to conduct needs assessment research for a holistic healing center aimed at chronic social problems such as homelessness, drug addition, mental illness and incarceration. We were working towards a building program and set of business plans that would be designed towards by a second group of students. As the only Masters student in the group, I took on a leadership role, organizing our activities, resolving disputes, and leading off presentations.

Mar 2012 - Jun 2012

CD+M Lighting Design Company, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, US, Intern

I worked as an intern for a Lighting Design firm. Typical duties included simplifying AutoCAD documents and purging them of objects and linework not relevant to the lighting designers, adding fixtures and lights to such documents based on redlines from the designers, researching fixtures, finding photos of lighting conditions and composing them into "mood boards" in InDesign for proposals, and editing architect-provided images in Photoshop to indicate lighting intent. I also designed a set of fixtures in Maya for Coca-Cola while at this internship.

Sep 2011 - Dec 2011

emersion DESIGN, Cincinnati, OH, US, Intern

Working primarily in MicroStation, I worked on a variety of government projects, completing backlogged As-Builts, picking up redline changes from architects and structural engineers and converting landscape architecture sketch plans into CAD files. While on this project, I also reviewed then-new changes to ADA to ensure that proposed bathrooms on current projects were compliant. Toward the end of my time there, I conducted field documentation of bathrooms for the University of Cincinnati's School of Nursing for an add-on to an existing project and proposed new layouts to improve accessibility and privacy.

Mar 2011 - Jun 2011


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US, MArch, M. Arch 1 (non-architecture undergrad)

I completed graduate studies in architecture at the University of Cincinnati, alternating between semesters/quarters of studio and academic courses and co-operative education internships with architects, lighting designers, and non-profits. My studies culminated in a year long self-chosen thesis research project, exploring the phenomenological and experiential elements of green design.

Jun 2010 - May 2015

Western Kentucky Univeristy, Bowling Green, KY, US, Bachelors, Philosophy, French

I completed undergraduate studies in Philosophy and French at Western Kentucky University. My work there left me a much stronger writer, and still influences my approach to architecture and life in general.

Aug 2001 - May 2005

Areas of Specialization