Joshua Fowler

Joshua Fowler

Carbondale, IL, US


Re [act] ive: Redefining the Dialogue Between Architecture and Environment

Re [act] ive, is a comprehensive research and design project determined to redefine the dialogue between architecture and environment. This is done through the research, design, and analysis of actively responsive architectural systems. The process of this project is executed in two primary methods, the digital and the analog. In order to proceed with this project a certain degree of understanding in the field of computational design was necessary to comprehend the applications and limitation of such a process as computational design drives much of the design methodologies in this work. Thusly Research and case studies are crucial to understanding the capabilities of computational design and responsive architectural systems and are covered extensively. Once the research is presented, the process carries on along two parallels as mentioned before, the digital and the analog. Within the digital a full building façade is designed and presented in order to gain a better understanding of the implication such reactive systems can have. Then to further the validity of the project, the digital was pulled into the physical world with the design and construction of an environmentally responsive building skin. This particular skin responds to the stimuli of light and people via changes in lighting. This work also looks to potentially use such systems to mitigate damage and life loss in natural disaster events. All of these subjects and more are covered within.

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Status: School Project
Location: Southern Illinois University