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  • As an future architect

    June Lee
    May 5, '21 8:39 AM EST

    When I was young, I was just a normal kid who likes to build small tent using blankets and chairs and to play inside of that blanket tent with my brother. When I was in the tent, I could see my home and family through the small opening, and it gives me a totally different view from the outside of the tent. The tent also gave me warm and safe feeling, so I could fall asleep easily. I liked the experience that the tent was giving to me. I think this childhood memory influenced me to study architecture to make my dream true.

    My dream is to build my own house by myself in beautiful nature and live with my family till I die. It could sound a little bit silly for most people, but this is the reason that I choose to study architecture. I did not like the most common housing style in Korea, which is high-rise apartments, so I came to Los Angeles to study different housing styles from my country. Although the first reason that I study architecture was only for my dream, architecture education at Woodbury University gave me another reason to study it.

    Through the four-year architectural education in school, I realized that architectural design has the power to improve many people’s living conditions. Furthermore, it can change the world into a better place to live. Someone may argue that developers have more power to choose the design of the building, or architect’s power are very limited because of budget or money. However, I personally believe that it is up to me to use my knowledge and power as a future architect to make the world better. We can suggest a better solution that benefits both developer and resident or design a cost-efficient building that allows freeing from money problem.

    I would like to say I cannot predict my future as an architect, but I can say that I will try to make a better world using my architectural knowledge from school. I believe that architects have a responsibility to use their power to suggest solutions to many social problems, such as discrimination, climate change, and environmental injustice, so I certainly will follow my belief as a future architect.

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  • Architecture with human sense

    June Lee
    May 5, '21 1:50 AM EST

    In my last blog post, I talked about the directional concept of “Top and Bottom,” which does not apply if there is no gravity. Link: In other words, gravitational force gives the ability to sense or feel the direction to the... View full entry

  • New Perspective in Architecture design

    June Lee
    Mar 10, '21 2:44 PM EST

    On Earth, we have the concept of “Top” and “Bottom”. These directional concepts are defined by gravity. All buildings start from the ground and end up at the top of building because gravity pulls down all the objects on Earth. However, if we go out to space, there is no gravity, and it... View full entry

  • Architecture in Space Exploration Age

    June Lee
    Feb 24, '21 5:20 PM EST

    During the entire year of 2020, most people in the world have to stay in their home because of the pandemic. People had very limited outdoor activity and got used to have virtual meeting on online environment. A lot of people complained that how hard to keep staying at home for long time. However... View full entry

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