Michele Sdruccioli

Michele Sdruccioli

Bologna, IT

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I have a degree in Advanced Design, the course aims to train expert designers in product and service innovation processes, the focus is multidisciplinarity that allows you to acquire transversal skills and knowledge such as knowledge of materials and processes, management skills of the project and critical/creative thinking oriented towards problem solving. In addition to this, my background has an artistic imprint, which helps me to get out of stereotypes and mental patterns so as to approach a project in an innovative way. Thanks to previous work experiences, I was able to acquire and refine the technical skills that will help me carry out the tasks that will be assigned to me with greater precision and reliability.

I'm sure I can be an added value within a team, this is because I'm a curious person (I continuously study design and all its innovations), enterprising (I'm not afraid to take on challenges), determined (given a goal, both personally and in the workplace, I am always result-oriented), used to working in a team and eager to constantly learn.
I am available for business trips as well as to follow any training courses prior to hiring.


Extrema s.r.l, Mantova, IT, Product Designer

Trend analysis and market research, development of the new aesthetic line within the R&D department, focus on cost reduction and production reality reconciliation.

Jul 2021 - Jan 2022

Sora S.r.l, Reggio nell Emilia, IT, Project Manager

Trend analysis and market research, concept development in the most complete sense (study of shapes, materials and engineering), business plans, presentations and reports.

Nov 2020 - Jun 2021

IFI s.p.a, Pesaro, IT, Junior Designer

3D component modification, assembly construction, component development and redesign, rendering.

Nov 2018 - Jun 2019

AV Consulting, Pesaro, IT, Designer

market research, 3D modeling, prototypes, renderings, presentations.

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017


Advanced Design, Bologna, IT, Masters, Product Design

The course aims to train expert designers in product and service innovation processes, the focus is the multidisciplinarity that allows graduates to acquire skills and knowledge to operate in companies, institutions, associations active in various fields.
The training of designers breaks down the traditional division between those in charge of the design and those in charge of the creation of the product/service, thanks to transversal skills compared to the technical engineer and the creative designer, for example the knowledge of materials and industrial processes, project management skills and critical/creative thinking oriented towards problem solving.

- devise projects for the innovation of products, industrial processes and services in an integrated way;
- produce the pre-project research centered on the user, on the market and on the upstream regulatory constraints;
- design innovative components and systems with particular regard to the integration between functionality and beauty;
- analysis of systems and processes;
- continuous research and innovation: project and meta-project (inventive and creative processes);
- analysis in the pre-project research phases from the identification of the problem to the drafting of the research brief;
- involvement, enhancement and communication internally and externally of the value of the project and the expected innovation.

Sep 2019 - Mar 2022

L.A.B.A, Rimini, IT, Bachelors, Designer

The three-year period is organized in such a way as to address design from all its points of view, from graphics to communication, from marketing to sociology, from setting up spaces to architecture, to arrive at the creation of concepts and the study of materials. The academy devotes much space to the study of art, which in its approaches and mutations is studied throughout the three-year period at various levels. This strong artistic imprint is aimed at developing mental flexibility and giving tools to break away from stereotypes, an essential quality in design.

Nov 2015 - Mar 2019