Ronald de Villa

Ronald de Villa

Highland Park, NJ, US

Front corner
Front corner

PS 317X / X583 The Bronx Lab School for Historical Discovery

The project scope for this Bronx school entails the design and construction of a New Primary School Building for District 8 housing Pre-K though Grade 5 students. The Gross Area is 70,000 SF with a student capacity of 460.

The building’s parti is an efficient 5 story rectangular block at the lower levels that transitions to an “L” shaped configuration at the upper floors.
Piano keys were used to develop a musical and rhythmic theme as a 
visual metaphor to organize fenestration and façade materials. 

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Status: Built
Location: Bronx, NY, US
My Role: Project Designer, Project Architect, AOR
Additional Credits: PS&S (Ron Weston, PIC, PM & AOR; R. Blakeman, PIC, AOR; T. Smozanek, Sr. Arch.; G. Swallow, Sen. Arch., L. Brown, Proj. Des. (DD); M. Acciani, PIC, EOR; T. Heacock, EOR; G. Kustera, EOR; R. Bernard, Proj. Eng.; R. Snow, Proj. Eng.; A. Grundy, EOR; John Trey Wehrum III, EOR; A. Hadam, Proj. Eng.; T. Conlon, EOR; F. Chen, EOR)