Hamidreza Zarrinkafsh

Hamidreza Zarrinkafsh

Tallinn, EE


Sustainable Architecture

It is not needed to explain the effect of sunlight on human life and energy economy of buildings. In this design towers
reacted to sunlight orientation. The south part gets more sunlight and the tower bended from south to north to gain
more sunlight. Also, the east sunlight is more suitable, so the blocks tilted so that there is a steep face on one side and
a gentle sunlight on the other side. This design empowered balconies to be occupied by trees without ceilings. Sunlight
can be controlled by deciduous trees in order to warm up units in winters that trees have not leaf and cool down in
summer by the humidity of leafs. The interaction of user and nature and an open air sunlight in balconies would be
The form of towers was the challenging issue to select the most suitable structure. The cutting edge Diagrid structure
that is proved to be 21% more economical than the same column and beams structure have been selected to support
the complicated form and a central concrete core has been designed to increase the balance. This structure have
not been used for green architecture and this is the first green tower with Diagrid structure. The balconies have been
designed according to the form of structure that empowered ceiling less spaces for trees that is major problem of green
buildings and allows more sunlight enters to units

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tehran,IR
My Role: Architect