Hames Sharley

Hames Sharley

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Tonkin Consulting

In designing the Tonkin Office Fitout Hames Sharley set out to create an environment that is conducive to ‘Building exceptional outcomes together’, Tonkin’s core vision.

Form, flair and functionality are immediately apparent as soon as visitors enter the space.
The designers have achieved an environment that puts people first, builds community and ingrains collaboration. “Home is where the heart is”. By referencing the domestic in furniture and materiality the designers have created a space that is both warm and welcoming whilst still having an understated playfulness.

The use of subtle curves, colour palettes and warm, natural finishes subtly references Tonkin’s new brand identity just as the infinity symbol in the new Trust Mark represents the shared journey
to the destination with colleagues and clients in a spirit of collaboration.

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Status: Built
Location: Adelaide, AU
Firm Role: Interior Design