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HMFH Architects Receives Grand Prize Award and National Recognition for Saugus Middle High School

By lizab
May 12, '21 9:05 AM EST
Robert Benson Photography
Robert Benson Photography

HMFH Architects has received a Grand Prize Award in Learning by Design Magazine's spring 2021 Educational Facilities Design Awards Showcase. The Saugus Middle High School (Saugus, MA) has been recognized as a next generation benchmark in contemporary learning space design and planning. Many of the built environment elements found in this project are worthy of emulation by other professionals developing new or renovating existing educational spaces. 

All awarded facilities in the spring 2021 edition of Learning by Design are peer-reviewed, scored, and juried. Projects such as the Saugus Middle High School have met or exceeded six important criteria of: Innovation, Community Needs, Interior Design, Sustainability, Functional Design, and 21st Century Learning. The jury looks for in each project unique qualities or new concepts that were successfully implemented to improve education, community wellbeing, social equity through the design of facilities and its campus. Learning by Design's distinguished spring 2021 jury of four education architectural design experts applauded HMFH Architects (Cambridge, MA) for its accomplishment in designing the Saugus Middle High School. 

The jury comments about this project included: "This is a difficult design problem and they've executed it beautifully. The connections of the high school and the middle school are intentional and celebrated with light, graphics, and forms. The weaving of interior architecture, architecture, culture, scale, and story is so delightfully constructed. There is thought and craft at every corner."