Gregory-Fritz La Planche

Gregory-Fritz La Planche

Back Bay, MA, US


Architecture CAA Museum 15

Dear Mr. Recruiter:  


I graduate in May of 2015 with a Post-Professional Master's Degree in Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Enclosed please find a copy of my resume and the link that highlights some of my project for your review and at

For the past two years, I have been working on my thesis, which focuses on the redevelopment of Detroit's waterfront. Additionally, I have been working as the dean's assistant for the architecture department working with admission office implementing school guidelines for incoming students, coordinating fundraising events with the design team for the benefit of the department, as well as supervising the needs of the graduates students.

Academically, I have been investigating and researching Detroit's 9.7 mile waterfront from Belle Island to Zug Island which is classified currently as underdeveloped. I have documented the site by air via helicopter by automobile and on foot to form a comprehensive understanding of the site problematic zoning. I envision its progress first by understanding on how physical design can alter social behavior in differing neighborhood blocks. Secondly, I am exploring alternative mixed-use patterns that further advance redevelopment on a social and economic level, some of these include: the introduction of artificial islands, a floating marathon bridge between Detroit and Windsor, international art galleries cantilevered over the water. I believe that by creating cultural and industrial economic projects on the waterfront, an improved future for Detroit's redevelopment and those living in the area could be possible.

In parallel, I visited eight internationally prominent waterfront destinations: Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Miami, Athens, Poros, Aegina and Hydras, to gather information to create an in-depth comparison. Visiting those cities exposed me to their progressive urbanism language, infrastructure, stabilized image and provocative façade, futuristic departure, projective agenda, and contrived presence. While in Dubai, my research studies revealed the multidimensional use of light at varying scales and its environmental manipulation. While in Doha, I understood the necessity of the main land's juxtaposition to the conceptually artificial island's essential modern presence, and the phenomenon of its power.

I am extremely interested in working for the firm particularly since It has such an unbelievable level of taste and character, and will appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my ideas and how my talents and interests might be beneficial to your mission.

I can be contacted at (617) 425 5177 or at
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Gregory-Fritz La Planche.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US
My Role: architect