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Mahagun Marina Walk

The growing affluence of India’s consuming class, the emergence of the new breed of entrepreneurs and a flood of imported products in the food and fashion sector, have driven the current retail boom in the domestic market. With increase in exposure and income, the new generation of population possesses a large appetite to experiment and this is driving the extension of the retail industry. Organized retail is witnessing a welcoming change from traditional street local market shops to upscale multi-brand outlets and departmental stores. This flux gives us an opportunity where, as designers we need to address the shift from traditional to contemporary and set new standards of design pertaining to the Indian context.

Mahagun Mall in greater Noida is an attempt to keep up with the need to evolve and initiate a design that would respond to stakeholder’s needs and context, culture and climate. The design provides for a congenial public space, and is envisioned as a designed destination for people to meet, mingle and shop. The site offers a large footfall and is surrounded by high end residential townships and there is immense opportunity for a commercial & office space. This project is designed to become a right mix of a Hotel, Corporate buildings & a shopping mall.

Integration of  greens in the building interiors benefits the microclimate and is intended to directly contribute to an improved air quality, building energy efficiency, aesthetic improvement, noise reduction and various psychological benefits. Blurring the lines between interiors and exteriors, the rich vegetation with huge trees, creepers and plants all over the site generates a balanced atmosphere with the retail spaces. The landscaped piazza is envisaged to have a water body, green pavers and planters that would help in reducing the heat effect. In order to further create a cool environment misting technique is used creating a microclimate for outdoor seating.

The retail area is spread across 4 floors, lower ground to the second floor inhabits large column less spans for the hypermarkets/ electronic store / Home furnishing. The two basements serve for the parking needs. The upper floors provide for flexible next generation office spaces floor plates to accommodate both multiple and single occupancy format providing co-working spaces as well. A segregated entry points and transfer area is planned for both retail and the office spaces to ensure smooth operation of the different users. The floors above the  retail area houses a large auditorium space, 15 screens and a seating capacity of 2500, occupied by IMAX- THE WORLD’S MOST IMMERSIVE MOVIE EXPERIENCE. Crown sky garden on the top and green band in the interiors of every floor manifests the connection with nature. Eating under the blue sky is an utter delight. Green-rooftop restaurants accompanied by a swimming pool allow for a ‘sit and relax’ area  with a 360 degree view of the city.

Strategically located vertical & horizontal travel points, high speed elevators & escalators and wide enough corridors along with the well landscaped corridors to take care of any pedestrian movement and shopping activities.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Delhi, IN