GAYARRE infografia

GAYARRE infografia

Zaragoza, ES

Living room
Living room
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Parque Venecia | Architectural visualization

You can see the architectural animation HERE.

For first time, we developed the project with a higher resolution than the previous ones, in HD. The format of this resolution is 720p. This number indicates to the number of horizontal lines of resolution that has the screen and the letter p comes from progressive scan.

In short, the resolution used in 720p format is 1280 x 720 pixels resulting 921,600 pixels. The video format that we used before was the PAL that has 720 x 576 pixels, a total of 414,720 pixels. Comparing the resulting amounts we can test that one is almost twice the other.

The final quality is far superior, being sharper in detail, however, this has a cost.

Rendering with these conditions slows down the calculation, and consumes more resources on computers. And also, it is difficult to explain to the customer yet. :(

In any case it is necessary to go forward with this step, the PAL is being deprecated giving way to HD.

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Status: Built
Location: Zaragoza, ES
My Role: 3d architectural visualizer