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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Information Centre

Prompted by the expectation of a major earthquake in Turkey, the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Information Center holds a series of disaster simulation galleries, from earthquakes to rainstorms to fires. The building is designed as a single structure that expresses the multiplicitous atmospheres and climates it contains.Unlike a science museum, where large open halls are sufficient to contain furniture-scale exhibits, the disaster center is a continuous network of distinct spaces. Each exhibit relies on a unique atmosphere and climate supported by its own structural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The exhibit rooms take the form of 'boulders' with a single central space at the core surrounded by a ring of infrastructural poche and circulation space. The core of each boulder is a zone of intense atmosphere produced through dramatic effects of lighting, climate and color which leak out to infuse the more neutral lobby and reception spaces around them.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Istanbul, TR
Additional Credits: With Teoman Ayas