Fernando Zavala

Fernando Zavala

New York, NY, US

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My goal is to gain practical, hands on experience in an architectural or design-oriented area of work in order to manifest a certain level of expertise, mastery and leadership. I aim to utilize both my multicultural background and my passion for the universal language of design to fulfill a lifelong dream of bringing people together, and tackling some of the pressing global challenges in the 21st century, such as climate change, mental wellbeing, and social/environmental equity. Ultimately, I hope to just become more enriched in the design culture outside of these classroom walls.

As a fourth year currently enrolled in the University of Virginia’s highly ranked and prestigious School of Architecture (pre-professional) undergraduate program, I hope to use what I have learned thus far and utilize my mutl-icultural design perspectives and my design doctrine in order to ultimately have a profound impact on people’s lives. 
Architectural exploration has allowed me to learn to adapt to certain environments, respond to certain conditions, and integrate and open minded, dynamic and diverse approach towards meeting a goal that, as a result, work symbiotically to shape my design philosophy and help me become more fluent and proficient in the language of design. 

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PAD ARCHITECTS, Parsippany, NJ, US, Junior Designer

- Chiefly in charge of producing items for various residential and commercial projects ranging from site surveys and schematic design to permit drawings and renderings/visualizations predominantly in CAD, Revit, Lumion and Sketchup
-Created, curated and finalized client presentations in Indesign and Illustrator

Jun 2021 - current

University of Virginia Architecture Department, Charlottesville, VA, US, Undergraduate Research Assistant

- Member of mostly graduate WBYA research team focused on creating and organizing literature reviews & panels on the topic of fair labor rights and designing a school campaign exhibition focusing on raising issues of the disconnect between architect and the labor force/construction industry

Apr 2021 - current

Eichner Studios, Charlottesville, VA, US, Design Intern

- Chiefly in charge of capturing architectonic qualities of certain projects photographically and professionally, learning the artistic, creative and mechanical skills of operating cameras
-Edited, curated and published photos for various events (weddings, parties, etc.)
- Designed photo templates, frames, and event themes

Jan 2021 - current

KUBE Architects, Washington, DC, US, Architecture Extern

- Partook in UVA’s shadowing program, assisting in the firm’s daily duties and learning critical realistic operational skills, building a network as well as managing the day-to-day of an architecture firm

Jan 2021 - Feb 2021

NX3 Corporation, New York, NY, US, Digital Intern

- Primary researcher (through interviews, focus groups, SEO tools), producing a competitive analysis and a go-to market plan for this expansion and re-branding strategy.
- Developed digital visual branding/marketing pieces for the organization’s newly launching healthcare tech app

Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

Laura Heim Architect, New York, NY, US, Architecture Intern

-Created diagrammatic axonometric drawings and renderings using computer and adobe software to visually represent certain design aspects of a residential project “Row House” in Astoria, Queens.
-Underwent several site visits to historically rich apartment complexes within the established Sunnyside Gardens District in Queens, NY; the first planned neighborhood in America with a garden city (1920).

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

Pfizer Inc, New York, NY, US, Digital Team Graphic Design Specialist

-Primary researcher behind market investigations regarding digital vaccination decisions in Argentina for the adult pneumococcal vaccine, looking at SEO tools and online digital analytics.

May 2019 - Aug 2019


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US, BArch, Architecture

- GPA: 3.5/4
- Minor in Urban Planning and Development
- Relevant Courses: Housing Studio, Foundation Studio I & II, CAAD 3D Geometrical Modeling and Visualization, Architecture Theory of Ideas, Principles of Tectonics, Intro to Structural Design, Research Studio I, Cities & Nature, Climate Ethics, Ethics of Environment and Cities, Psychology of Env. and Space, Cognitive Fabrication, Non-hierarchical Arch.

Aug 2017 - current


University Study Abroad Program Finalist, Award

Member of the select group of students accepted to the distinguished semester-long Barcelona 4th-year and Masters Abroad Program


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