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FAQ arquitectura

Sevilla, ES



This work has consisted in completely rehabilitating a building in the center of Seville to convert it into a tourist apartment building and commercial premises. The building was the historic headquarters of Almacenes Arias, a traditional textile store in the Seville capital, in the pedestrian and commercial street Puente y Pellón. During its history it underwent different actions, some due to the fire that took place in the year 75, being a heterogenous construction materially and structurally.
It is decided to replace a large part of the structure due to its poor condition and take advantage of the intervention to empty and make a large semicircular patio that allows the appearance of interior apartments. Given the irregularity of the plot and the need to make the most of the surface, all vertical communications and installations run on one side in a compact block.
Large gaps will allow the apartments to be very bright. In the courtyard, using a ceramic lattice that will cover its facades and vegetation, you will have a pleasant space to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city center.
Lastly, Puente and Pellón street, one of the main commercial axes of the city, is a road with a continuous traffic of people which makes it have a dynamic character. The facade seeks to take advantage of this dynamism, winking at op art artists like Carlos Cruz Diez, making simple railings that change their appearance as the pedestrian walks his way.

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Status: Built
Location: Seville, ES
Firm Role: Architect