fareh aboganem

fareh aboganem

Los Angeles, CA, US



I graduated from sCi_aRc in 2010 and have been working in the field since 2005. I began with a simple interest for the Computer Aided Software back in 1998 and quickly was introduced to a whole world of design and experiment. I have developed an interest in experimental design and prototyping, but always find an interest in space organizing and making buildings correspond to the environment at hand. In my designs I always try to conceptualize an idea by capturing the clients desire and use it as a driving force to develop the architectural language. I have had the opportunity to work in several types of projects from small residential remodels to new residential projects and a slight focus in designing sanctuaries ( churches and places of massive gathering)



The Heritage Group, glendale ca, Job Captain

Job Captain,
Worked on several projects, residential and commercial but primarily worked on the Norwalk project containing a coffee shop, a restaurant proposed to become a CHIPOTLE, two retail spaces and an IHOP. Coordinated with Project manager, consultants, city officials and engineers. worked on 3D files and renders, produced a full architectural set following IHOP Corp. standards.

Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Malcolm Drilling, Irwindale, CA, US, Technology Architect

I work in conjunction with the master mechanics that service all cranes and drilling rigs to bring technology to them and make it part of their tool box. preparing a cloud which will give them access to all manuals to every piece of equipment that is part of the fleet. these are then accessed through an ipad at the job site and they are able to give feed back filling out full job reports and timing on the project.

i am also working on digital pick plans that allows the crane operator to plan every move before assembling or disassembling a crane.

Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

Ponsepol, los angeles, manager/designer

I was a building manager for two particular buildings one of which is under construction, and private designer for the property management company. I have had the opportunity to go through the bidding and negotiation process of the project under construction and have been remodeling the building that is already in use. I have had the chance to remodel the 2nd floor, 4th floor and all lobbies of the five story building. Had the opportunity to design a monumental fountain and its functions and a serious face lift of the buildings exterior.

Aug 2011 - Jan 2014


Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

In my career as a student at sciarc i have been exposed to many different characteristics of the design process. I have been trained to not only create outstanding designs, but also have an infinity of ideas and creative designs, building techniques that break out of the ordinary. while at sciarc i had the opportunity to travel to Europe and within to Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Greece. An experience that opened my eyes to a whole different design world and detail oriented development.

Sep 2008 - Sep 2010


sCi_aRc spring show 2010, Award

I was chosen along with a few other students to have my thesis project in the school wide spring show, which has chosen projects per design studio through out the school to display for a month after my Thesis presentation.


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