Erin Jones

Erin Jones

Los Angeles, CA, US



I always wanted to start an interview - Jones, Erin Jones - and wait for the hiring manager to raise one eyebrow in disbelief but slightly lower it because James Bond is one amazing person.

I was born and raised on the East Coast and traveled to the West Coast to escape the extreme temperatures and completely engulf myself in new things. I am hungry for knowledge and eager to learn.  I have a background in Architecture which started as a child. My favorite most loved character was, and still is Winne the Pooh. How does this relate to architecture? Well, I think while watching the series I always noticed how the characters lived and used their environment around them to survive. The character Rabbit had a carrot farm outside of his residence which proved to be a very good design to me as simple as the notion was.

College was the next step in satisfying my quest to make my own 'real life lego building'. I graduated with a B.S. in Architecture and Design and followed that with Graduate studies. Shortly after applying and taking courses in graduate school, I was laid off and architecture soon became my enemy.

What I do is simple. I battle with the love and hate of architecture. To me, it is like a dear close family member that you love with all of your heart but sometimes, on the rarest but most significant occasion, there is such disappointment that you can not remember why the love was there in the first place. I love architecture deeply and it is my passion. Without disappointments, there is no real meaning. I can remember working on a project with a difficult client, computer system not functioning correctly and all the photoshop changes were not saved before the computer froze, but then after counting to 10, sometimes 20, I remember that there is no other thing I would rather be doing. 

I am pretty good working with ArchiCad which is my computer aided drafting tool of choice. I know AutoCad and can work well with that as well. Hand sketching is like a lost art but I love it. 






Management Experience
West Hollywood Art Walk- Production Assistant, 5/2012, Waldo’s Designs
Promotional Event- Assistant Manager, 4/2012, Sun Valley Partners
Obery II Interior Framing- Project Manager, 1-3/2012, C. L. McCoy Framing Co., Inc.
Uplands Apartment Construction- Assistant Project Manager, 8-12/2012, C. L. McCoy Framing Co., Inc.
Gateway Houses Renovation- Project Manager, 6/2011- 7/2012, ArchPlan Inc.
East Baltimore Development Inc. Renovation- Project Manager, 6/2011- 8/2011, ArchPlan Inc.

Management Related Qualifications
•  Advanced marketing developmental strategies with resulting increased profits within 2 months. 
•  Proven ability to work well under tight deadlines.
•  Knowledgeable in problem solving and decision making in a fast paced environment.
•  Track record of strong interpersonal and listening skills when interfacing with: architects, contractors, vendors, residents, customers, and clients.
•  Strengthened customer relationships and developed repeat customers.
•  Experience with assisting administration, budgeting, invoicing, and contract negotiations.
•  Mentored new employees and enhanced existing employee relations through leadership.



Medical Center, Encino, CA, US, Engineering Facilities Assistant

I am assistant to the Director of Engineering and I assist with daily duties such as coordinating vendors scheduled visits, scheduling preventative maintenance on equipment, and managing engineers schedules. I also work closely with other departments throughout the facility.

Aug 2012 - current

C.L. McCoy Framing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Project Manager

Project Manager- Commercial Framing Division 8/2011- 3/2012
• Formulated construction project’s budgets and coordinated any change orders that occurred during construction. Maintained budget status for project duration.
• Managed laborers and sub-contractors, delegated tasks while foreseeing and resolving problems in a calm and efficient manner.
• Communicated changes in workflow or deadlines to contractor, subcontractors, owners, and city officials to ensure resources were available.
• Operated weekly progress meetings for initial scope reviews, collaborations with vendors and suppliers, and updated construction schedules.

Estimator – Home Improvement Department 7/2011- 2/2012
• Solicited and maintained communication with subcontractors and vendors.
• Prepared subcontractor bid packages based on project.
• Coordinated the timely receiving/shipping of all elements in/out of our facility to increase productivity.
• Designed floor plans and presentation boards for clients to actively participate in customer relations to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.
• Developed marketing presentations to proactively seek new business opportunities.

Jul 2011 - Mar 2012

ArchPlan Inc., Baltimore, MD, US, Project Manager

Assisted in training new employees.
Handled office telephone calls and provided administrative assistance.
Worked closely with architect to balance business books.

May 2010 - Jul 2011

Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc., Towson, MD, US, Intern Archtect

Planned and interpreted building programs.
Communicated with other departments for problem solving.

May 2006 - May 2008


Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, US, BArch, Architecture & Environmental Design

The BSAED curriculum provides a balanced course of study including courses in graphic skills, technology, history, theories of the built environment as well as courses throughout the university. The core of the program are the design studio courses where students synthesize what they have learned in the exploration of hypothetical and real life design projects. BSAED graduates are prepared for entry level positions in architecture and environmental design fields, and for the advancement to professional degree programs including the MSU Graduate Programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning. (via

Aug 2000 - May 2006

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore, MD, US, High School, Engineering

Engineering based studies. Some architectural drafting, CADD, and design work.

Aug 1996 - Jun 2000

Areas of Specialization