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EUA Announces Leadership Promotions

Megan Kocchi
Oct 1, '18 3:42 PM EST

MILWAUKEE, WI, October 1, 2018 Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) is pleased to announce the promotions of 10 employees to leadership roles. These employees work across various markets and demonstrate excellent client satisfaction, leadership and industry knowledge. In addition to being committed to continued personal growth and improvement with a high-level of self-motivation, they have contributed to the success of the firm and elevating the potential of the people they work with.

Ken Seelow – Principal
As Director of Information Technology, Ken Seelow aligns EUA’s business goals and objectives with the future of technology. He leads the IT team as they provide technology solutions and ensure smooth implementation. Ken strives to make EUA an architectural leader in innovation and has helped shaped the culture and success of the firm. His passion lies in researching and discovering emerging technologies to enhance the employee and firm experience, earning him the promotion to Principal.

Scott Uhen – Principal
Scott Uhen has been with EUA for over 18 years and has contributed to the startup and growth of the Healthcare studio as a Senior Project Architect. As Implementation Practice Leader, Scott also provides outcome improving processes that are quality driven and create the best experience for clients and partners. Understanding the importance of relationships and human interaction, Scott is trustworthy, responsible and a great listener who exceeds expectations – making him well deserving of his promotion to Principal.

Derek Erlitz – Associate
Derek Erlitz joined EUA in 2012 as Project Administrator and rapidly became an expert in the role. Derek has been promoted to Associate. In 2014, he became Contract/Project Administrator as he took on contract review and consistently received high praise for his efforts. EUA Chief Financial Officer Matt Hall describes him as a “jack of all trades and master of everything.”

Jeff Holzhauer – Associate
Jeff Holzhauer, Senior Project Manager in the Healthcare studio, has been promoted to Associate. Jeff has a wealth of healthcare experience and enjoys mentoring and sharing knowledge with younger colleagues in the firm. Vice President + Healthcare Studio Director Kristin Dufek describes him as having a flawless positive attitude and clear demonstration of a firm-first approach.

Kirk Lewis – Associate
Kirk Lewis is a Senior Project Architect in the Learning studio and has been promoted to Associate. Kirk’s detailed fact-finding diligence and proactive investigation of challenges allows him to recognize problems before they happen and achieve solutions. He is the specifications representative with EUA’s sustainability team and a model of work ethic within the Learning studio.

TC Lin – Associate
Senior Design Architect TC Lin has been promoted to Associate. TC has over 18 years of experience and wears many hats as the design and technical lead on projects. Because of his enhanced attention to detail and sincerity, clients enjoy working with TC, and his peers consistently lean on him as he goes beyond what is asked of him.

Jon Molkentin – Associate
Jon Molkentin, Senior Project Architect in the Workplace studio, has been promoted to Associate. Jon is a trusted member of the Workplace studio, using his technical expertise to drive projects for clients and deliver successful buildings that not only meet their needs, but continue to accommodate and inspire in the future.

Allison Pfeifer – Associate
Interior Designer Allison Pfeifer has been promoted to Associate. Allison has led the interior design process for many workplace clients and understands project challenges and goals to create dynamic design solutions that are in line with the client’s vision, brand and culture. Allison goes beyond what is asked of her, inspiring younger staff and those around her.

Paul Raisleger – Associate
Senior Project Architect Paul Raisleger in the Madison studio has been promoted to Associate. Paul has been with EUA for 10 years, contributing to the success and strength of EUA’s Madison office. He works well with all staff and lends support wherever his skills can be utilized, making him a valued member in his studio and across the firm.

Renee Riviere – Associate
Senior Interior Designer Renee Riviere has been promoted to Associate. Renee works with many clients across various industries delivering elevated environments that are rooted in the client’s vision and culture. Over her 12 years of experience, Renee has shaped spaces to adapt to the business, allowing clients to flourish well after construction.