Elizabeth Irene Benson

Elizabeth Irene Benson

Middletown, NJ, US

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Architecture and design are about living, and so my work is strongly focused on inspired environments based in how we live, think, and relate to inside and out, with a playful attitude on social aspects, materiality and context. All design choices stem, not so much from an intention to guide forms, but to conform to how we intuitively move and exist in each surrounding environment, while adding a touch of that which is unusual, unexpected or new.  My attempts have been to attain a sense of minimalist drama as a consequence of light through the comparison of material use. As I put focus on how we engage an understanding of space by simply suggesting form and meaning through materiality: utilizing the very real relationships between people and the metaphysical presence of the material world: my designs spring to life, directly affecting us through the connectivity of the unexpected, the drama in moments, the connection of space, materials, textures, and light. It is design as a response to elements by expressing purpose with an appreciation to the effect the material world has on our psychology and well-being. 

Grounded in human values and focused on the enrichment of our lives, I am passionate about providing the right feel as a matter of making something beautiful, moving or dramatic, in search of intimacy and timelessness. I am always looking to the viewpoint of material possibilities; rethinking the relationship between material and immaterial properties, with an increasing regard for the sensuality which can heighten the rendering of the experience of a space and the meaning behind the design. Architecture and design’s manifest denial to explain itself and the amorphous quality of color values, textures and relationships can succeed in generating an intimacy and humanity; accepting our true situation, and the refusal to ignore it, lending itself to the creation of soft stories and allowing us to get more out of life. 

With extensive interdisciplinary work experience combining globally strategic design solutions based out of both New York City and Torino, Italy, coupled with the more recent works of small town modern design within the historical context of Monmouth County, NJ, my design skills and capacities have truly begun to reach a more mature and sophisticated conceptual approach. Well organized, I work diligently, deliberately and passionately in all areas of design and presentation, with a particularly keen eye for details as part of a larger whole. My studies and work have allowed me to possess a great deal of experience with 2D and 3D visualizations and documentation, parametric prefabrication and millwork, physical model making and labor, as well as both local and international communications with clients, venders, engineers and contractors. As in all aspects of my life, I find everything worth doing, is worth overdoing well, and so it is that I enjoy finding ways to go beyond standards without wasted effort and lost time in the creation of something beautiful.

Publication recently recognizing work:

• Two River Times (May 2018)
• Red Bank Green (April 2017)
• Theater Cues (April 2017)
• Quoi faire (Nov 2016)
• Alu MiND (Dec 2015)
• Temporary Architecture Book (2014)
• Eruopa Con Corci (2014)
• Domus Magazine (Dec 2013)
• Divisare (Nov 2013)
• Elle Decor (Oct 2013)
• Libero (Oct 2013)
• Instant House (Oct 2013)
• Archilovers (Oct 2013)
• Elle Decor Italia (Oct 2013)
• Interni Magazine (Sept 2013)
• Architectural Digest (Sept 2013)
• Wallpaper Magazine (Sept 2013)
• Instant House (Sept 2013)

Award: NJIT Student Showcase "Dream Without Limit" 2011
• First Place All-Round

Award: NJIT Design/Build Masonry Competition 2009
• First Place All-Round Design/Build/Presentation
• First Place Mockup Design
• First Place Presentation

       English – Native
       German – Elementary
       Italian – Elementary

       Plainfield Curling Club, NJ
       Travel + Surfing + Sailing + Back Packing + Skiing
       Drone + Photographic Montage Documentations
       Various Musical Instruments + Language Studies



KGD Grammer Designs, Red Bank, NJ, US, Architecture Designer

• architecture and interior design for various New Jersey typologies including: theatrical, residential, recreational, educational, and commercial
• construction documentation, FF+E sourcing and collaboration with venders, engineers, contractors, and clients
• renderings, drawings, 3D modeling, and visualizations

May 2017 - Jun 2018

Omni//Form, New York, NY, US, Architecture Designer

• strategic design and scale-able solutions for the world's leading brands as high-end luxury consumer experience
• architecture, interiors, fixtures, furniture, and graphics
• renderings, drawings, prototyping, 3D modeling, visualizations and construction documentation, as well as translating design globally through various cultural context
• FF+E Sourcing, international collaboration with venders, artisans and contractors

May 2014 - May 2017

Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio, Torino, IT, Architecture Designer

• space articulating architecture and installations
• 2D + 3D modeling, physical modeling, visualizations and documentation with extensive international communications to press, clients, and contractors
• firm image, website, office organization and prioritizing

Jun 2013 - Feb 2014

Sea Dance Craftsman Inc., Leonardo, NJ, US, Designer + Contractor

• high-end residential restoration, expansion, renovation, landscaping, concept design, construction drawing, physical labor in shop and on location

May 2011 - May 2013


New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, NJ, US, BArch, Architecture

Throughout my schooling, I have maintained a strong interest in the metaphysical presence of the material world as a response to elements by expressing purpose with an appreciation to the effect the material world has on our psychology and well-being: directly affecting us through the connectivity of the unexpected, the drama in moments, the connection of space, materials, textures, and light. I have also acquired an extensive background in engineering and architectural theories of ancient to modern art through additional specialties and education such as..

Specialties in...
• Material Innovations
• Urban Design + Development
• Globally Strategic Design Solutions
• Luxury Spatial Experiences
Addition studies in...
• NJIT Astro - Physics
• NJIT Mechanical Engineering
• Roma Summer 2009 – A four week Study Abroad program
• Science Fiction Studies

Aug 2007 - May 2012


Design/Build Masonry Competition - all round design/build/presentation, 1st Place

Design/Build Masonry Competition
First place - all round best building design, masonry mockup, and presentation


Design/Build Masonry Competition - mockup design, 1st Place

Design/Build Masonry Competition
First place - best mockup design


Design/Build Masonry Competition - presentation, 1st Place

Design/Build Masonry Competition
First place - best presentation


Areas of Specialization