Eleni Stefania Kalapoda

Eleni Stefania Kalapoda

New York, US



A tree, as a carbon machine, can store huge amounts of carbon in its body, estimated to 217kg per year. Reforestation, as one of the most cost-efficient nature-based solutions toward climate change, can offset 30% of the carbon emission. Currently, 74% of the Hudson Valley is forested. However, there are still parts of the forest that are fragmented by urban development and human disturbance, which can decrease the amount of carbon sequestration, and negatively affecting biological diversity in the Hudson River Estuary corridor. Our project is to reforest all the underutilized and inefficient land in Kingston, NY with the purpose of creating a linked carbon sink. At the same time, the aim is to supply local lumber and wood material to the community with green jobs.

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Status: School Project
Location: HUDSON VALLEY,NY (GSAPP Fall Studio 2020)
Additional Credits: Wu Kuan-I, Hao Tian,Zhang Menghan