Elana Cline

Elana Cline

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Holler

The Holler is the perfect balance between the adventure of the outdoors and the welcoming relaxation of the home. It seeks to bring back a time of analog simplicity and community between friends, neighbors, and strangers. It is where the creaks of the rocking chairs are in tune with the chirps of the crickets.

The Holler is the cold beer that is waiting for you after a long ride. It is where you meet clients and coworkers for a brainstorm session and then relax over a game of shuffle board. It’s the place for the whole family to bond over board games, where dad can grab something to take home for dinner and mom can try the seasonal IPA. This is the meeting spot for your weekend camping trip and the place to unwind and recharge on your lunch break.

The Holler is your creative hub, your community center, and your backyard. It is where the world slows down and time gets lost amongst friends. Come here to connect to your community, stay for the food and drink, and leave with a smile.

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Status: Built
Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
My Role: Project Lead