Edmundo Colón-Izquierdo

Edmundo Colón-Izquierdo

San Juan, PR, US



I am a Principal at ECo, a multidisciplinary firm I co-founded in 2005 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with my partner and father, Edmundo Colón Arizmendi, PE. My professional work encompasses a broad range of project types and scales; in Puerto Rico, Mainland USA, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. I have published articles for local newspapers and design magazines and our work has been featured in magazines and newspapers both locally and abroad. I’m also an associate professor and the program coordinator at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico’s Landscape Architecture Program, a recent appointment. Since 2006, my design studios and technical classes focus on planning of resilient landscapes and infrastructure in, mostly, urban environments.


Since 2017, after the passing of Hurricane María, I’ve assumed various leadership and advocacy roles. As president of the Landscape Architects Institute, I’ve become an advocate for the role of landscape architecture in the recovery process. I’ve been invited as speaker to many local symposiums and been actively pursuing, with some success, face-to-face time with politicians and decision makers at the state and municipal levels.


I am a Licensed Landscape Architect and Architect, and a Certified Forestry and Planting Professional


ECo, San Juan, PR, US, Principal

Jun 2005 - current


Harvard University, Masters, Landscape Architecture

Aug 2004 - Jun 2006
Jun 1998 - Jun 2004


Jacob Weidenman Prize, Award


Areas of Specialization