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Criteo Offices

For the new Boston office of international tech company Criteo, the innovative workplace designers at Dyer Brown set out to create a space that would project the company’s core belief that workers who are having fun are more productive. The design for Criteo’s Downtown Boston office features bright colors, texture, excitement and surprising architectural elements, creating a vibrant atmosphere and an uplifting work environment that encourages informal collaboration.

At the center of the fun is the gracefully curved stainless-steel slide that connects the two floors. Criteo and Dyer Brown worked together to determine how they could fit the slide into the project’s budget. The architects determined that the slide could be safely installed with the addition of just one small piece of new steel, avoiding the cost of major new structural work. The result is an unusual centerpiece for the office that greets visitors with an invitation to play.

Beyond the lobby, the designers introduced fun, playful elements to encourage collaboration and maintain a positive work environment: a game area, custom banquette benches, wood-paneled electric fireplaces, cubby seating with hot pink upholstery, and an original, hand-painted mural-sized graffiti “logo” designed by one of Criteo’s own employees.

The office layout accommodates 175 employees with workstations of varying heights, conference rooms, a phone room, a mother’s room, a large pantry area, and several lounges. The wide variety of workspace types ensures that everyone has a spot that supports their individual work styles.

Exposed ceilings and polished concrete floors contribute a raw, industrial feel to the spacious recreational area, adjacent pantry and lounge. Conference rooms, located along the perimeter and separated from the open office by floor-to-ceiling glass walls, are fully equipped with audio-visual and data capabilities, so they double easily as informal collaboration rooms. Employees enjoy natural daylight and sweeping views of Boston Harbor throughout both floors. 

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US