David Brockshus

David Brockshus

Ames, IA, US


Contract Magazine Competition- Revision of Hospitality Design Project

Iowa State University College of Design

Project: Miami Hospitality Design Studio

Location: Intersection of Collins Avenue and 21st street in South Beach, Florida

The Hospitality Design Studio program was to design a unique hotel experience that could compete with the surrounding hotels on the beach. Each group of architects and interior designers started out by creating a studio room then adapting/expanding upon concepts of the room to create a unique hotel experience. Our group went about creating an “exclusive experience” by combining the smaller studio units in an L shaped fashion that extends throughout the entire tower of the hotel. Three studio rooms are combined to create a two story entry and social space, and the several bedrooms. This creates a large luxurious suite highlighted by fantastic views that frame the skyline and bay of Miami on one side and the ocean out the other. This creates a large number of rooms with extremely desirable views out both ends of the suite and plenty of space for the guest to relax.

The amenities of the hotel are split into two groups: exclusive (for hotel guests only) and public (open to hotel guests and the public alike).The aim of the exclusive features was to attract a higher end clientele to our hotel and ensure a quiet, private and relaxing experience. A large restaurant and a nightclub designated for public use are set directly upon Collins Avenue, and separate amenities are available in the lower levels of the tower and inside the courtyard for exclusive use by guests. The public amenities on Collins Avenue act as a buffer, shielding the courtyard, and further from the road the hotel tower itself, from the crowds and traffic noise from Collins Avenue. 

The tower is also unique because it is set significantly closer to the ocean that the neighboring hotels, thus setting it apart from its neighbors and making it visible landmark on South Beach.  The hotel amenities are arranged to form a courtyard and to ensure the privacy of the guests and to create a large exclusive outdoor entertainment area. The courtyard revolves around the pool decks set at various levels and features a swim up bar, bungalows (that mimic the spatial feel of the suites), cabanas, lush torpical plantings, and plenty of deck space for the guest to relax and soak up the sun.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
My Role: Coordinator, Designer and Renderer
Additional Credits: Grouped with: Suzanne Cheely (Interior Design Student), Drew Thorson (Architecture student), and Nicole Peterson (Interior Design Graduate student)