Daniel Vanderhorst

Daniel Vanderhorst

New York, NY, US


Sidewalk Citizen

Sidewalk Citizen is a new restaurant in Calgary’s Central Memorial Park that experiments with wood as a material as well as digital fabrication techniques. The entire structure is composed of CNC-milled plywood sheets laminated together and strengthened only using dowels. This lamella type of structure is clad with translucent standing-seam polycarbonate sheets, thus allowing light to softly emanate through the trusses. Resulting from this is a pointed arched ‘timber cathedral’ that can be used throughout the year. This project ponders and experiments with how wood can be used in more unconventional methods, and how this can set a precedent for low-carbon timber architecture in the future.

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Status: Built
Location: Calgary, AB, CA
My Role: Played large role in design and fabrication; CNC-milled and assembled structural plywood profiles and built-in furniture, created drawings
Additional Credits: Studio North, Matt Kennedy, and Mark Erickson