Deborah Garcia

Deborah Garcia

New York, NY, US



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Cross-Talk #5: 'The Beheaded Medusa' by Deborah Garcia, Wed, Apr 18 '18

The role of Archinect’s series Cross-Talk is to bring forward the positive aspects of the polemic and allow for the resulting conflict to bring to life an otherwise still and comfortable climate of creativity—if there can be one. Cross-Talk attempts—if to only say ...

Cross-Talk #5: 'The Beheaded Medusa' by Deborah Garcia

Cross-Talk #2: Deborah Garcia on 'Pedagogy' Today, Sun, Jul 30 '17

It is with much trepidation that I responded to the prompt of pedagogy issued for this round of Cross-Talk. A bit of hesitation because having graduated less than two months ago the...wounds are fresh, shall we say. The hand that fed is not yet out of eyesight... The master is still very much ...

Cross-Talk #2: Deborah Garcia on 'Pedagogy' Today

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