Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez

Los Angeles, CA, US



Towards a Museum of Mechanic Ornithology ...Air Space

Deadalus- The Ur-architect- produced the first spatial model. The Minotaur labyrinth was an act of creation, an intensive space of which only Daedalus himself- the space artist was unable to free himself. The second act of architecture was also one of escape- part two- the daring and liberating flight into airspace, a spatial realm ( as of yet) uncontrolled by any state apparatus. The myth of Daedalus-cunningly fashioning  wings- is an allegorical act of mimesis. The architect- as a rite of passage- mimics array of ontological convergence. Nature returns to the world transformed through the act of architecture and we recognize architecture and it evoking a sense of majestic alienation.

Drawing: an act of opening previously closed parenthetical categories

Excerpt> territory, flight behavior, feather analysis,avian flu cloaking devices, thermoskins,neural networks,adaptation, homeland security, mutation,shape shifting, turbulence model,flight delays, nesting controllers spent jet fuel, frozen pilot tubes, glitches, poly chromatic moires, final approaches, appearing and heavy hollow avian bone structure, flaps, avionics, window seat

The museum of Mechanical Ornithology is not conceived of as an immediately solvable problem. Rather, it is an initiative from the scale of the institution to redefine the contemporary city through a proliferation of radicalized and de territorized institutions.As an editable scenario  we might propose the possibility of an ecosystem of new institution engaging and redefining the city, in our case Los  Angeles. These institutions have attitudes these despise cliche dinosaurs desperately  vying for institutional credibility, funding and visitors. We therefore can forward a polemic statement: If contemporary city is to remain 'relevant' its institutions must be reinvented, based on an agency of contemporary convergences.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles Airport
My Role: Designer