Cristina Mock

Cristina Mock

State College, PA, US


Green Paris: The Urban Forest

Paris, France, suffers from the Urban Heat Islands Effect due to the urban density found in its districts and inequality in the accessibility of green areas. It was creating a larger basin for heat and non-fresh air.

The lower-class districts and neighborhoods are farther away from public parks and have fewer green-paved streets than those communities in high-class districts. Though this has been a problem since the Industrial Revolution, not many resolutions have been made to help ease the issues ever since.
Therefore, this project focused on a conceptual solution to the greenery inequality and urban heat islands using abandoned industrial structures, The Petite Ceinture, and refurbishing them into an urban forest that gradually grows into the city.

The Petite Ceinture, the little belt, is perfect for the movement of Green Paris as it circles the entire city and is surrounded by most industrial areas or residential areas. Therefore, greenery can grow from the Petite Ceinture into the surrounding buildings and spaces, creating shade and public parks for the residents to enjoy.

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, FR
My Role: Design Architect

Trellis Growing

Petite Ceinture existing condition

Re-furbishing of The Petite Ceinture