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The Intuit Dome Experience Center comprises the remodel of an entire 12,500 floor of commercial office space to allow fans to envision the Intuit Dome, the Event Plaza, and other spaces before the construction of the arena is complete.

The center is organized as a sequence of experiences that commences through the mannered Plaza Room that emulates the event plaza, complete with a scaled bandshell, basketball court, and a recreation of the Clipper Steps. The Model Room allows visitors to get a glimpse of the model of the 72-square foot Intuit Dome and Plaza Buildings as well as a 360 SF mini replica of the 44,000 SF double-sided elliptical halo video board. 

Fans can also step into the Energy Room with sample seating rows from “The Wall,” an uninterrupted 4,700-seat section that the Clippers expect to create noise and home-court advantage. From here the sequence continues to allow fans to experience buildouts of the three different suite types and components of the Intuit Dome, such as the grid shell enclosure that encompasses the arena and team-related program.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record
Additional Credits: Dimensional Innovations, Anderson-Barker, AECOM