Chunmei Zhu

Chunmei Zhu

New York, NY, US



• Well trained in Accounting and Financial Mathematics; knowledge of financial models, corporation finance, data analysis and statistical models to represent the performance of financial assest or porfolio of a business.
• Experience in qualitative and quantitative marketing research including analyzing collected data to ensure meaningful and value-added findings
• Software: Advance Excel (vlookup, pivot table), Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, SPSS and QuickBooks
• Languages: Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taishanese)

Bachelor of Science, CUNY-Brooklyn College, U.S.                                                                  May 2013
Majors: Financial Mathematics / Accounting / Economics / Actuarial Mathematics        

Minor: Computer Science

Research Projects in Finance Models:
• Barrier Option Pricing vs. European & American Option Pricing
• American Financial Expense Analysis and Forecast

Brooklyn College Learning Center             Brooklyn, NY
College Assistant / Tutor                   January 2009 – August 2012
• Helped students master assignments in Mathematics, Business Statistics and Economics by tutoring and assisting college students individually or in small groups.  Also improved students’ logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
• Discussed assigned duties with classroom teachers to coordinate instructional efforts and reinforce learning concepts presented by instructors.

Sing Tao Newspaper Group        New York, NY
Circulation Coordinator                                                       March – November /2007
• Dealt with daily complaints by phone from indivials and wholesalers; reported problems immeditely and followed up on service; executed new sales strategies to make sale process smooth, built good relationship with customers and increased satisfaction.
• Collected sales and returned data to agencies and company branches , completed weekly, monthly, and seasonal sales reports by Excel, which helped manager forecast circulation quantities; evaluated marketing strategies and service for eastern  marketing of America to adjust market plan efficiently.
• Watched individual and wholesalers’ receivable accounts, called and reminded individuals and wholesalers about payments, sent invoices, and handled petty cash and checks; helped track all chargeback transactions; assisted accountant to helped avoid bad debts while offering convenient service to customers.

Ipsos Marketing Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.                     Guangzhou, China
Market Research Analyst                                                       March – November /2005
• Monitored mobile derivative products and electronic products industry statistics and consulted with clients to determine market demand, potential customers, product design, competitiveness and marketing strategy.
• Maintained survey projects management by supervised data collection, coordinated with data collection department and technology department, negotiated with clients for project process and special cases and carefully monitored each step of project.
• Prepared and presented summaries and analyses of survey data using PowerPoint, Excel and SPSS, including tables, graphs, and fact sheets that described survey techniques and results, and provided consulting concerning promotion, distribution, design, and pricing.

Selection Marketing Research Co., Ltd.                                                   Guangzhou, China
Market Research Analyst                                                                           May 2002 - January /2005
• Measured effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies for consumer goods, real estate, electronic products and drug by quantitative and quality researches to provide marketing analysis packages.
• Prepared proposals to determine and specify details of survey projects; oversaw entire project’s processing and quality control, designed questionnaires and monitored data collection to ensure data sampling accuracy.
• Conducted quantitative analysis through statistical methodology such as correlative analysis, regression, and cluster analysis concerning product prices, sales, marketing and distribution, and created and presented reports of value-added findings, illustrating data.


Brooklyn College, C.U.N.Y., Brooklyn, NY, US, Bachelors, Financial Mathematics

I graduated from Brooklyn Collge for my Bachelor degree in Financial Mathematics. I also finished Economic and Accounting majors. My study concentrate on financial modeling with statistical methology. Those mathematical models designed to represent the performance of financial assest or porfolio of a business.

Jan 2008 - current