Cesar Serrato

Cesar Serrato

Linden, NJ, US

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Dear Employer,   

It is an honor and delight to write this letter to you.  Starting a business has similarities than that of working, and learning, at an architect’s office, except there are limitations, and reliance on self- care and self-diligence. I have studied architecture  at universities of New Jersey Institute of Technology at New Jersey, Vienna Institute of Technology in Vienna, and Cracow University of Technology; have worked in Architect’s office in New Jersey and New York, USA; and have skills in architectural design; in CAD, and BIM; seeking secure, permanent work in an office with benefits; have experience in offices of any size. The responsibilities of the offices that I undertook include design, CAD design, software applications, attend client and business meetings, discussions, phone service and client assistance,  assistance to architect such as editing designs, checking designs, printing and organizing designs. Visitations to project sites and conducting measurements, sketches, photography, or other forms of recording the site were some of the duties conducted. Learning methods at the universities were traditional or in the classroom or in the studio or in lecture halls. Other forms of education include study trips. We visited architectural sites which include Falling Water in Mill Run, USA, and Bobolice castle in Poland.  The universities offered  the modes, practice  and applications of projects, drawing, sketches, essays, models, CAD, projection presentation, traditional presentation , building estimation and cost, studio culture, the theory and history of architecture and technology, mathematics, and architectural grammar terminology. The access to thousands of information and reading sources were given to me and the student body from the libraries. Athletic and sport fitness were taught  as well. We learned the presence and importance of geometry in architecture; how geometry is integrated in architecture and its assistance to the architect; how the architect uses geometry; taught how to arrange the room program in residential architecture; how offices can be on multiple levels; CAD techniques such as using mirror, symmetry, blocks, attributes,layers; how living room should be in the southern part of the house to receive abundant daylight, if in northern hemisphere; how to orient a building on the site; how to arrange solary on building roof; the lives of architects; to map blocks in a city; to draw alleyways and much more instructions were we given by t he instructors from the universities; how architects emphasized on sketching and how planners emphasized location .  Personal hobbies related to study and discipline include drawing buildings, bridges, alleyways, streetscape, cityscape, landscape, people, roads, concepts; learning new software, discussion, travel, research walks, observing construction, research information,  and reading.  Please contact by various sorts of communication,: phone, mail, and electronic mail. Best time to contact is morning and afternoon.     

Cesar A. SERRATO, Linden, New Jersey , 908 422 7635, 


Gabriel A. Calenda Architect, Kenilworth, NJ, US, Intern

Drafting, printing, organizing and storing drawings, attend client meetings, answer phone calls.

Mar 2016 - Apr 2016

HAICH Architect, Flushing, NY, US, Intern

Designing on local projects, competitions, concepts of building, building components such as ornamentation, urban furniture, review drawings, organizing and store drawings, discussions, attend client and phone meetings, measure, photo and sketch sites with architect.

Mar 2010 - Feb 2016

Manish Savani Architecture and Interiors, PC, Jamaica, NY, US, Intern

Modelling, managing, reviewing drawings, organizing or sorting drawings

Oct 2015 - Nov 2015

Geoffrey L. Gogan Architect, Morristown, NJ, US, Intern

measuring mansions, documenting the mansions, to finalization (CAD).

Aug 2015 - Sep 2015


National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, Architecture

CE and AIA Health, Safety, Welfare courses.

Nov 2015 - current

The Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology (CUT), Cracow, PL, MArch, Architecture

Main courses are architecture design studio and city/regional planning studio. A housing, theatre, and congress for thesis. Multiple mediums, drawings, models, and computer to show designs. Presentations and discussions on progress, several times during the semester among students and professors. Trips to historic monuments.

Jan 2017 - Jun 2018

Vienna Institute of Technology (TU WIen), Vienna, AU, Applied Geometry

Seminar on CAD geometric modelling. Freeform curves, smooth lines, Discussion among scholars and professionals.

Sep 2010 - Sep 2010

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, NJ, US, MArch, Architecture

Architectural design studio, courses of architectural history, drawing, modelling, photography, and other electives, courses on AutoCAD, Revit, going over building code,commands, procedures,courses on sustainability, civil engineering, structures. Early studio, does not use the application of software until one semester.

Sep 2006 - Jan 2010


Metamorphosis of Courtyards Urban Regeneration Competition, Award


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