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C& Partners Architects Inc

Toronto, ON, CA | Braga, PT


St George Physiotherapy Centre

Located in downtown Toronto, The St George Physiotherapy Centre delivers professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in an efficient and comfortable layout. C& Partners was challenged to design a spa-like sanctuary that conveys a sense of openness for patients in an otherwise confined and enclosed space. When completed, the facility is anticipated to be used to its maximum capacity. Despite the anticipated usage, patients visiting the centre will still be able to enjoy the open concept and amenities including an individual private treatment room, a registered massage therapy room, a foot and ankle clinic, a traction room and an open group exercise area, that are constructed from aesthetically pleasing hospital grade material. 

Another feature of this project is the use of the Building Information Management (BIM). C& Partners introduced the BIM system to design the St. George Physiotherapy Centre, which streamlined the design process from inception to construction. The result was a project that was completed on time, on budget and with quality that C& Partners and clients are proud to be a part of.  

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA