Chuti Srisnguanvilas

Chuti Srisnguanvilas

Bangkok, TH



Black Pencils Studio is a design firm, based in Bangkok, Thailand, working at all scales and sectors. Presenting expertise in architecture ,interior design, and conceptual research. 

Black Pencils Studio is compact and run by practicality and punctiliously working process to creating residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Managing the project with strongly capable experiences and team work. The firm believe in power of architecture that can effect people’s living quality because architecture is not just a building, but underneath the brick and mortar it has a story about life.


All area in this entire world has its own intriguing story. It is probably romantic, dramatic, fantasy, sometimes science fiction. How each scene can be made. How the continuity can be created. How the whole story can be interpreted. How the story teller can look through and literary interpret the existing content into phenomenon fiction.

Architecture has a tremendous power to transform that fiction into reality, in the other words, turning content into scenes. Each scene that we create in order to represent meaning of those imagination. Each scene is sequentially arranged to impress people with profound perception and sensational experiences. Every scene is consolidated to build identity of the built environment, characterising place to communicate with people also surrounding as well.

Creating scene is not just a beautiful picture, but also producing through adaptation, creativity and technological innovation. The amount of faithful ideas are sorted out from the greatest amount of possibilities. Sometimes, the hardest problem to inform the design decision is to look at every possibility, and summarise into a single morphology. This individual characteristic emerges  something special and specific, like a dialogue among human and surrounding in each project.

From fantasised dream to concrete reality. We select a suitable method for each project that can tell the story behind the scene. It can be only simple conceptual drawing, combining images as collage or advanced computational programming, to transform simple ideas into complexity.

Passion is the most significant momentum in design process. We eager to turn surreal dreams into inhabitable architecture by integrating relationship of form, function, space, time aesthetic, people, context, and everything all together. Rather than proportion or function, we ask for more from architecture. Progressively, architecture is literally about everything.



Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, TH, Bachelors, Architecture

2011-2012 Master in Architecture, M.ARCH. GAD. (Merit) , The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, United Kingdom. First prize Golden Ear Award, project of the year.

1999-2004 bachelor's in architecture, B.ARCH., Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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