Marco Bellomo

Marco Bellomo

Palermo, IT



Inspired by the Maasai jewels, which play an important rule for the local culture, we designed a circular pavilion incorporating indigenous culture and architecture.

The shape answers to the need of reconnecting the visitor to nature offering a dreamlike journey leading to a sensitive connection with the ecosystem.

A ramp brings to the pavilion, which is built at the same level of the existing tree. Then two mirrored ramps bring to catwalks, slightly above the ground level, where there’re exhibition panels. The pavilion, consisting of two concentric circles, refers to the traditional architecture of the Maasai villages. 

The outer circle is designed with a series of logs, shorter than the ones along the inner circle, bringing inside essential light and air. The roof refers to Maasai jewels design and colors.  A big central cut helps both the natural light and the existing tree growth. 
Hammocks are located along the two sides of the pavilion, offering relaxing places for visitors who can enjoy the pleasant sun warmth sheltered by the foliage and enjoy the evening sky. Other two ramps grow from the pavilion to the natural land level bringing visitors to unique observation points. The pavilion also gives metaphysical feelings leading to a transcendental experience thanks to the openings, the changes of light and shadow given by the tree logs walls, the curvature that gives exclusive sensorial perceptions. The pavilion will lead to a metaphysical world where the limit between nature and man will disappear giving a primitive humanity feeling. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kenya, GH
My Role: Leader
Additional Credits: Giuseppe Bellomo, Marco Sollami, Flavia Fazio