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Designing with Open Riser Treads

Jun 7, '18 4:03 PM EST

One small detail that can completely change the overall aesthetic of your staircase design is choosing between closed or open riser treads. Deciding which elements to choose will determine the design’s end result.

When creating any custom staircase design, choosing an open riser tread design can create an open, airy ambiance to any space. If you are aiming for a clean, modern look, then glass treads may be a good choice for you. Choosing open riser treads in glass creates breathtaking results!

There are many other options for designing a staircase with open riser treads. Center beam staircases are another great option to choose for any space that desires more of a contemporary look. Wood treads are a great option for center beam staircases. Choosing the color stain for the wood treads could completely change the overall aesthetic of the design.

Spiral Staircases are yet another option to choose from when designing your staircase with open risers. Spiral Staircases are a great option for tight spaces in both residential or commercial spaces. For these type of staircases, stainless steel riser bars are installed on the open riser treads for added safety. Choosing open riser treads will keep your space feeling much more open and airy. When selecting the color of stain for your wood treads, keep in mind this small detail can make the largest impact in your design.