Jose Balderas

Jose Balderas

Riverside, CA, US


Jose Luis Balderas Employment History

  •     Custom Residences:
    • Lyall
    • Bachli
    • Schnabel Family Retreat
    • Vigna
    • Farina-Lindal
    • Lockyer
    • Belzberg
    • Melissinos
    • Boles
    • Cooke
    • Davis
    • Kuster
    • Bachli-Stardust
    • Bernard-Prior
    • Myers-Herskowits
    • Leier-Hume
    • Desert Palisades-Guardhouse
    •  Bahia Esmeralda S. de R.L de C.V. Custom Residences, San Carlos Sonora Mexico.  A $35.5 million project consisting of 26 single family graded lots, 19 Quad-plex buildings & 14 large storage warehouses.
    •  Imperial County, California.  Designed 5 floor plans with 3 schemes each for 69 lots in Imperial County.  Project sold prior start of construction for a net profit of $4.5 million.
    •   Sunny Creek Apartments, Carlsbad, California.  Preliminary design for 37 low income housing apartments as part of City of Carlsbad requirements for West Development
    •   Stallions Crossing, San Jacinto California.  Provided fence design plans for 88 single family residences as part of the development requirements of the City of San Jacinto.
    • Dahlbo
    • Sven 
    • Marani 
    • Oakhurst (California residences)
    • Red Barn residence in Colorado.
  •     Commercial Improvements: 
    • Neuro Vitality Center – Fitness Center
    • French Valley Jet Center, Murrieta, California.  A $7.5 Million Project consisting of 14 state of the art airplane hangars & commercial offices.
    • Guaymas International Airport Hangars, Guaymas Sonora Mexico.  A $0.75 Million project consisting of obtaining Lease agreement from Mexican Federal Government to design/supervise /construction of 6 airplane hangars in Guaymas International Airport, the first to be built in Federal Land by Foreign Individual.
    • Cox Communications
    • Time Warner
    • Adelphia
    • Union Tribune
    • DEI (Directed Electronics Inc.)
    • Hunter Industries
    • Tri-City Towers
    • Rio Vista
    • Green Properties
    • Magellan Aviation
    • Gateway Aviation
    • Gibbs Flying Service
    • AHM Aviation.
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Status: Built
Location: Mexico, Inland Empire and San Diego
My Role: Designer and Project Manager