Aven James

Aven James

Canton, GZ, China



Mainly providing the cutting edge CG rendering service and multiple dimensional design visualization service for famous designing organizations and investment/development companies in Mid-East, and also service for global designing industry.

I'm focusing on increasing efficiency of project schedule, optimization and combination, assistance account executive and explorer aimed to the overseas markets.

As the same as our occupation in CG rendering industry, WE, means me and my rare elite professional team, is also and always focusing on the modern design direction of Mid-East, my team and I have rich experience on resolving the issue of the tender rate and guaranteeing the quality of final images, our duties for clients are not only the infinite loops of project info-import and final-export, we would like to have our suggestion which is according to the final using of the work for the final rendering.

What I have with my team, is the high efficiency of project schedule and the higher tender rate than our occupation which is from our widely and rich experience of catching Mid-East market.

Areas of Specialization